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Who We Are

Comporium SMA is a one-stop resource that gives you the comprehensive training, advanced technology and quality support you need to become a successful full-service SmartHome technology provider.
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What We Do

We give you access to cutting-edge Smarthome and IoT technology that allows your customers to control their security, home automation and energy management systems from anywhere.
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What We Offer

We provide a complete program to facilitate your new home automation service — from training to troubleshooting — plus a full array of home automation devices to meet the needs of your customers.
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Our Technology

Our SMA technology platforms allow you to deliver low-cost, high-value interactive services to your customers and give them the ability to control the systems in their homes from any Internet-connected device.

Our Devices

The SMA platforms support a broad spectrum of home security and automation devices, from remotely controlled door locks and thermostats to cameras and sensors.

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